Thursday, July 2, 2009

There and back again...

It's been an eventful few weeks in the recently established Gainey household. 6/12 we got a call from David's work that he was needed in Hawaii. On such short notice a plane ticket for me would have been around $2500. Needless to say, Sunday morning I kissed him goodbye at the airport. From there, I drove to South Carolina to meet Sarah and the kids. David and I decided it would be better for me to go with them to my parents than to stay in our home in PA since he was going to be gone at least a week, possibly two...a long time to be alone in a new town. So that week I got to give my parents a surprise visit. It was great to get to see them so unexpectedly. I also got to catch up with my "extended family" in Alabama where Jerod (Sarah's oldest) was going to camp). Sarah's family in Alabama gave me a place to clear my mind and pray two Thanksgivings ago as I tried to discern God's will for me regarding a certain young whom I am now married : )Seeing Rebecca and Rachael (Sarah's cousins) again brought that time back to me so vividly and also gave us a chance to create some fun new memories!

After that trip I spent a few more days with Sarah and Eric in SC, then went up to see Stacey for a day (also SC). It was such a blessing to get to visit so many people I hadn't expected to get to see any time soon, but I was missing David terribly. The six hour time difference made sure that when he called I was either A.) just about to eat lunch or B.) Completely groggy from being woken at 2am (when he got off work his time). Finally, after nearly 2 weeks apart I picked him up at the airport. It was amazing to both of us how little time it had taken us to take one another forgranted in many ways.

Since he's been back we've been trying to find our routine again. I've noticed that despite being able to make my own schedule, it's easy for me to get apathetic and lazy towards spending time with God. When situations in my life come up, I often feel if I can't do anything about them, neither can God. This week I finally got conviction that He is able. Which of course, led to prayer, which in turn gave me peace that He works where I can not.

In other news, David and I visited another church this week. For me, it was wonderful. For David, a little too liturgical (it's amazing how the nuances in our backgrounds change how we respond to things). The awesome part was, we both felt fed by the sermon, something we have really been missing since we left Tallahassee. Finding a church home is really important to me and probably the thing I miss most after my family, so finding one we both enjoyed is encouraging.

Now, we are preparing to leave PA again, this time to move the rest of my things up here.

Which means I will have a dresser!!!!

I wont have to live out of suitcases anymore!

This is exciting.

Oh and I will get to see my parents.

And my church family.

And my husband is going with me this time!

Life is good.