Friday, May 14, 2010

March 2010

March finally brought us some warmer weather, despite the dark predictions of yet another blizzard from the oft-quoted farmer's almanac. In fairness, it had (apparently) predicted the last 3! As the snow melted, I noticed the yard looked like something left in the back of the fridge to long! And so, through google, I learned about "snow mold". Apparently when the ground is covered with snow for a long time (like say from two back-to-back blizzards!) mold can grow in the grass beneath it. Fortunately a few sunny days kills it. Yet another thing I never knew before moving to the north. And sorry, I didn't take any pictures of this oh-so-attractive phenomenon!

As the weather continued to warm up we spent our weekends getting the yard (now mold free) back in order. We raked leaves, picked up branches that had fallen under the weight of the snow and started a compost pile. Then, on one especially warm weekend, we (and by we, I mean David) decided to paint the nursery. What a difference a coat of paint makes!!! The room went from dark and small looking to a bright cheerful place I can actually imagine being our son's room!

Before (and a bonus shot of my prego belly!)

After : )

It was wonderful to get the little guy's room painted because each day, as his kicks grew stronger (even his daddy could feel them all the time now!) it became more of a reality that he really would be joining us in a few months. Each OB appointment told me he was growing right on track for our estimated due date (June 24th). At the end of the month I had my gestational diabetes screening, which I passed, but my iron (which was also tested at this time) was a little low so we added an extra supplement on top of the prenatal. I hadn't realized how tired I was feeling until that extra iron kicked in and I felt my energy jump 100%!

Of course David also had to travel for work some, but instead of the loneliness I used to feel when he traveled, all the girls who were still in Chambersburg (some co-workers, some co-worker's wives) got together for a pot-luck style dinner. I feel so blessed that David works for such a tight knit group, it really does make the time apart much easier!

We also had the blessing of receiving a visit from Jeff, one of David's college room mates. He came for the weekend and I was able to make him some of my (unhealthy!) favorites like breakfast hash-brown casserole and chicken parmesan (not in the same meal hehe). David is always amazed by how much joy I get from cooking for visitors, but I know it's just my mom's genetics (and recipes) coming out! While he was here, we got Jeff hooked on Settler's of Catan so I'm sure we'll be seeing him back this way again : )

At the end of the month, David and I got to combine work and play and took a mini-babymoon. He had a training in DC that let out early on the last day. So 3/31, we took the metro down to the Smithsonian station and this almost 7 month pregnant chica hiked all the way down the national mall, past the Washington monument and down to the tidal basin to see one of the most beautiful sights I've had the pleasure to see. We had arrived at the cherry blossom festival on peak bloom day. We walked around the basin, took pictures, explored the Jefferson Memorial and overall just savored being a couple. It was a really special day and I'm so thankful for David's thoughtfulness in planning it and the care he took to make sure I didn't get too worn out.