Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Satudays

I love Saturday mornings. Who doesn't?

This morning began with Caleb sleeping in until about 7:30. For once, I actually had enough energy to slide out of bed first and allow David to be the one to try and catch some extra sleep. As I snuggled up to Caleb and read Clifford, Llama, Llama and Madeline to him, David came and joined us on the couch. After he took over reading. I sauteed up a big batch of spinich from our garden with onions and butter for mini quiches.

Fifteen minutes later, we were enjoying blueberry oatmeal bake, quiches and iced coffee. Caleb decided to turn up his nose at the blueberry bake (unusual), but ended up devouring two of the mini-quiches (also unusual, but in a good way!). Oh toddler...

Still, it was a tranquil start to a soon-to-be 101 degree day. We got Caleb dressed quickly, and headed outside to take advantage of the mid-eighties morning weather. I was almost immediately rewarded for our diligence in getting out early by seeing a hummingbird sipping nectar from our honeysuckle bush.

First stop- the garden, to bask in the joy of having thriving tomato plants

Caleb thinks those plants are taking too much of mommy's attention at that moment!
Checking out the zucchini that is rapidly taking over the right side of one garden bed
 We turned on the hose and let Caleb mist the garden. When he tired of that, David and I took turns giving the plants the long drink they really need to get through this heat. During Daddy's watering turn, Caleb started playing in the water. We ended up with a very wet, very happy toddler!

"Squirt me! Squirt me!"

Getting his hand wet was good for a while

Then he stuck his head in

Finally, he got the full-mist assault he had been hoping for!

Soaked and satisfied

Taking matters into his own hands
 Having worn baby out, and sensing the thermometer was already reading above 90 at 10:30am, we decided to wrap up our time outdoors with baby's first hair cut. Just a trim really, to take off some of his longer curls in the back. I'll need to watch a few youtube tutorials before I'm feeling brave enough to tackle the curls in the front. Caleb was a champ, playing with play-doh and only occasionally craning his neck to see what on earth mommy was doing back there with those scissors.

We took video, rather than photos, but here are some "after" shots. Caleb just got his first piggy bank this week and has been delighting in filling it up with coins various grandparents have left behind for him during their visits.

Trying to "feed" dinosaur

Hair from the back
"I see you, mom!"

He looked so grown up to me putting the coins in like this