Friday, December 10, 2010

How's it going?

I thought I'd post a short update on how our journey to a family mission statement is going.

So far, I'd say it's going well, if more slowly that I expected. While we haven't had a quiet time everyday, we've been having them about 5/7 days each week. The first few nights are always the hardest to get rolling. It's like trying to have a phone conversation with someone you haven't spoken to in a while, it takes time to get reacquainted. I remember saying to David a few nights ago, "Tonight I'm looking forward to quiet time." That's when I finally felt like we were making progress. I'm pretty good at remembering to "behave", I'm not very good at fostering my joy in my relationship with God. How sad it is when I trade the Good News for living a moral life!

I got so discouraged by this tendency of mine to settle for "being good" over actually relating to God that I began to question whether I really knew God at all. If I could be so callous to the Gospel, had it really penetrated my heart? As I sought God in prayer about this I felt peace and reassurance that all the callousness of my heart is a reminder of how dear His grace should be and all the good works I can become so prideful of are only a reflection of the work he's doing in me.

So what does all this have to do with our family mission statement? Our days will be defined by what we value most, and I'm grateful that God is moving my head knowledge to my heart so that he can truly become my treasure.

Caleb: 23/24 Weeks

Can I just say, my little boy is growing up to fast? He is now a champion at sitting up. Yes, he still falls backwards at time, but he needs his hands to steady him less and less and can easily play with toys, reach for things, etc. from this new position. It really is amazing. He's also learning how to scoot around. Through a combination of inch-worming and rolling he has figured out he can get places!

I've started reading up on solids for "the big introduction" after Christmas. This more than anything else has made me realize how quickly these baby days are going. While I look forward to all the fun crafts, stories and learning that awaits us, I truly treasure this simple time. Of course, I still have a passing thought here or there when I think, "I've lost all my freedom as an adult to a 15lb tyrant" but those moments are few and far between.

I felt terribly guilty for moments like those for a long time, when my wise husband helped me by saying this, "It's very similar to just after we got married. We had to learn to put our selfishness aside and put the other person first. It was hard sometimes, but it NEVER meant we regretted getting married. Now, you have to be even more selfless, and yes it's hard sometimes, but it doesn't mean you're a bad mom or that you wish we didn't have Caleb."

And he is so right. I've learned more about how to be selfless from Caleb that from anything else God could have possibly brought into my life and I love the new person I see in the mirror (even the stretch marks, but that's a different topic...). And of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE our son. He makes every day an adventure!

Caleb: 22 Weeks

What an awesome week of time with family. We spent this Thanksgiving with the Gainey side of the family. It was such a joy to get to see Caleb interacting with all his grandparents, but I must admit, my favorite part was getting to spend "adult time" after he went to bed.

Thanksgiving day was wonderful and relaxed. Everyone contributed their holiday specialties and Brian and Amy (David's brother and sister in law) once again did an amazing job hosting such a huge crowd (17 this year, I believe!). I feel so blessed to be a part of this loving family.

Headline News:
-Each day Caleb gets more and more steady sitting upright. He still falls backwards a lot though so mommy stays right behind him!
-Caleb begins showing lots of interest in cups, so I give him a few sips of water. We'll be starting solids after Christmas.
-Caleb has become an expert at pulling the cord on his cow toy (which makes it vibrate). We think he may be a lefty...
-David teaches Caleb a very important life skill: How to eat his toes.

Of course the 'Nole win was the icing on the cake!