Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 fun things about having a boy

Our family just got the awesome news that there's another Gainey boy on the way. Nope, it's not us. David's next youngest brother, Brian and his wife, Amy are due in August and we couldn't be more excited for them. In honor of their big news, I thought I'd share some things that make having a boy oh-so-fun!

It doesn't matter how long they stay bald. You never have to wrestle a bow onto their head to coax friendly people at the grocery store into saying the right gender.

More color variety. With girls, people tend to end up with lots of pastels, pinks and purples. Boys clothes regularly show up in bold brown, red, green, blue, black, etc.

Boys acquire less clothing. Lets face it, girls clothes are just cuter. Every baby girl I know has twice the number of clothes as the average baby boy. Friends and family just can't help themselves because it's so darn cute. So if you're more of a minimalist, having a boy is awesome.

Based on extensive babysitting experience: When it comes to cleaning up poop, diaper duty is easier with boys, no question about it. However, be prepared to be "showered" often. I thought I'd spare you a photo...

All their accessories are in dad-friendly colors. Even if the polka dots aren't quite their thing...

Of course, the reasons I've listed are all in fun. Our children are blessings to us because God promises they will be. Whether they're boys or girls, children of our wombs or of our hearts, they are the ones created for us and we for them. And that is a comforting thought!

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