Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making the Cut

Confession: Until today, I hadn't had my hair cut since I was 38 weeks pregnant. Caleb is 9.5 months old. Needless to say, it was time. David and I decided that since I wanted to cut my hair short again anyway, it would be great to cut a few extra inches and donate it to Locks of Love.

Yesterday I said good bye to my hair with a few mommy/son photos.
You may recognize this bush from this photo of me one year ago:
And today, I donated 12 inches and am well on my way to becoming my mother : ) Good thing I think she looks great!
If you're planning to make a big cut any time soon, don't forget to donate!


The Vogt Family said...


I joke (with all sincerity) with my hairdresser that I go in for my annual haircut each year around Christmas. I have been donating my hair at (almost) every cut since I was a junior in high school... probably 7 or 8 times now. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to maintain it short, but I never do. Well, that and I don't want to pay [choke] $60 every few weeks to keep going to my stylist friend. I think once a year is about all our budget can afford!

Having short hair is so freeing - and the summer is the perfect time to enjoy it! :)

Sarah_Joy said...

I am so spoiled, I drive about 15 miles to my hair dresser (interstate driving), but she only charges $16!

I try to go every 4 months for a trim, but it ends up being every 6 usually : ) I love that you have donated so many times! I thought it would be much shorter. Now that I know I can still keep shoulder length hair afterwards, I'll be more likely to do it again too : )

sirglandon said...

You look beautiful!!! I donated for the first time in December (my Sara did too).

Stephanie Cunningham said...

Love it! Looks so great and now you look very ready for summer! Praying for you as you're settling in again

littlemomtew said...

:) love the hair and the donation! hugs to all!