Monday, April 25, 2011

Caleb: 10 Months

As of 12:17pm today, I became the mom of a 10-month-old. We started the month with one tooth residing just below the gums. We ended the month with 4 teeth! Needless to say, sleep and personality have suffered a bit, oh and Caleb's been grumpy too....Seriously though, the teeth haven't been as bad as I expected. He really isn't much of a biter. Lucky for me : )

I can do this myself mommy

Another major milestone this month included his very first cold, complete with antibiotics for an ear and nose infection. Parenthood is such a humbling experience. The poor little guy was a snotty mess the whole drive from FL to PA. Suddenly I was the mom taking my sick kid out in public, not keeping his nose wiped (because, according to Caleb, nose wiping = baby torture), and generally looking like a neglectful mom. Of course, it was unavoidable, but no one in the southern Virginia McDonalds knows that.

Physically, he's been getting better and better at the skills that appeared last month. He's standing alone for a few seconds at a time, cruising the furniture, and still crawls faster than a speeding bullet. His new passions are drawers and cabinets. Nothing could be better than opening, closing and emptying contents. Unfortunately, he's yet to learn to remove his fingers before closing so mommy must keep a close eye on these activities. When his balance gets better, I will allow him more "learning" opportunities : )

His new favorite toy

Verbally, his babble is taking on more of a jargon sound (for those who aren't parents, this means his "bababa's" and "mamama's" are starting to have the inflection of real conversation). But for the most part, he still just loves to babble, honk, yell and whine : ) More exciting (to me) is his receptive language. For some reason the signing I do seems to resonate more with him than just my words even though he isn't using any signs yet. He responds to eat and more with smiles and cries when I say "all done". This kid will eat until he gets sick so I usually cut him off at 8oz! I swear he is gaining a pound/day right now.

We really aren't doing finger foods right now, partially my fault. Since we've been on the road so much lately it's just been easier to jar feed him. Now that we're home I've been working with him more. He mostly plays with it, but this past week he did put a grain of brown rice in his mouth. He's also willing to chew his food when I give it to him. I really don't stress about things like this. Caleb is the type who waits a while to begin, but then goes full steam ahead when he gets there.

First attempt: Peas- which he loves in jarred form, by-the-way!

I think our favorite new development is that Caleb finally gives hugs and snuggles. Every day when David comes home from work, he bolts across the living room, flaps his arms to be picked up and gives David's neck a great big hug. In the morning, I bring him into our room for family cuddle time and he takes turns grinning at us and then burying his face into our shoulders. It's so precious!

Just after David walked in the door a few weeks ago

Something else that has amazed me is how much Caleb already loves to wrestle with David. Their favorite father-son game begins with David laying down on the floor. Then Caleb crawls over and body slams him again and again, laughing hysterically the whole time, while David mockingly begs for mercy.

A photo from a recent session

Our favorite mommy-son game is "Where's the baby". I move just out of his eye sight and say "Wheeeere's the baaaaby???" and Caleb comes tearing across the room full speed to find me. He can't stand to be left out of any excitement.

I am really enjoying motherhood and being back in our house. Things are really starting to flow more smoothly. Caleb does require my undivided attention these days as he explores his new environment, but I know this time is short and I'm trying to enjoy each moment.

A few more photo highlights from this month:
Getting dressed is a daily adventure

Already a tech-guy like his daddy

I never realized before becoming a parent that church falls directly in the middle of morning nap time

How PA babies keep their ears warm. And no, we haven't needed it. I bought it last fall before I knew we were moving to FL for the winter...oh well!

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