Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Week Back

We've officially been back in Pennsylvania just over one week. I'm astounded by how much we've accomplished in that short time!

When we arrived back home, I was astounded to see the house in shambles. Was it burglars? No, it was the chaos left in the wake of moving with 3 weeks notice while caring for a colicky newborn. Clutter abounded, burp rags lay strewn in nearly every room, the tub hadn't been scrubbed in...a long time. I was so thankful my mom was staying for a week and David had taken time off.

Many hands really do make light work. We scrubbed, dusted, picked up, sorted, threw out, and consigned. Yet somehow, we all managed to end the week feeling rested. David enjoyed getting to spend extra time with Caleb while mom and I had a few mommy-daughter outings. We spent the afternoon at a friend's house while pest control came, consigned clothes at my favorite shop, and went to the farmers market early Friday morning. The farmer's market was definitely my favorite. I've been wanting to go for quite a while, but wanted someone to come with me. My friend Jen goes every week and met mom and I there in the drizzly 40 degree weather. Fortunately, it's an indoor market!

I found fresh produce for well below supermarket rate, milk from a local dairy, and free-range eggs (also below supermarket price). My most exciting find was amazing looking lunch meat for half the price of what I usually pay for sandwich meat. Score! It was a light turn out day for vendors since most are Amish or Mennonite and it was Good Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing what other stands are open next week...

David wasn't the only one babysitting this week though! Mom watched Caleb 3 different nights so David and I could enjoy some couple time. Our time in Florida was so busy, I hadn't realized how much we were in need of reconnecting until we had the opportunity to do so. Our first date was to a Hibachi restraint. I had wanted to go for my birthday last year, but it just wasn't an option with a colicky one month old who nursed every 1.5 hours. David decided it would be a great time to finally have that date. We had a great time and ate 2 more meals from the left overs!

Thursday, mom watched Caleb so we could attend Maundy Thursday communion service at church. Typically, evening services fall after Caleb's bed time so being able to attend and take communion together was a tremendous blessing. Between these two wonderful dates I was more than content. However, David had something special planned. Our two year anniversary is only a couple weeks away, so he decided we should celebrate early while my mom was still here to watch over Caleb.

Friday evening, after we tucked Caleb into bed, I swapped my jeans for the skirt I was wearing the day I met David and we headed to the Melting Pot. I feel I should mention that as we were dressing Caleb was beside himself. The poor kid has grown 4 teeth in one month. The latest tooth just made it's entrance this morning. Even with pain reliever on board, it took him an hour to fall asleep. We missed most of the tears thanks to Granny Robin shooing us out the door. What a great Grandma!

Finally, we were on the road. We hadn't made reservations since we're never exactly sure when we're going to make it out of the house, but we figured an hour long drive there would be plenty of notice. Who knew Good Friday would be so packed? The first available reservation was 8:45! You know you're officially a grown-up when the idea of starting a meal at a quarter til 9 makes you feel like you're back in college again : )

We killed time wandering around the mall and we're actually seated at 8:30. Even with an early start we enjoyed lingering over our meal and didn't finish until 11pm! I've been to the Melting Pot once before on a big girls night out with my college room mates. We only did the cheese fondue and dessert so the 4 course meal was a new experience for me. David and I thoroughly enjoyed each course, but I think our dark & milk chocolate dessert fondue with Bailey's swirled in was the best. Suffice to say, it was a fantastic time of eating, reminiscing and no interruptions! We arrived home at midnight, just in time for Caleb to wake up and cry for his nightly feeding. I took off my pearls, snuggled my baby boy close and thanked God for this wonderful life I've been blessed with.

The next morning, it was time to drive mom to the airport. Both David and I were sad to see her go. I am so thankful for Dad's willingness to share her with us for so long. I can't believe how rested I feel after a break from dishes and laundry for a week, not to mention all the dusting, cleaning and child care she did during her time here. It really freed David and I up to unpack, reorganize and declutter.

At the end of the week, the room we were all most proud of was the kitchen. Just before we left for Florida, our microwave died in a shower of sparks and arcs (no, I did not put metal in it!). We replaced it, reorganized the counter top appliances and now have a much more functional work space. The best part however, was getting our kitchen island/breakfast bar. I've had my eye on this piece since we moved into our house a year ago. We don't have much counter or cabinet space, so a lot of things were living in a large bin under the kitchen window. David and I consulted the budget and decided the time was right. It's been such a joy to both of us to finally have that bin out of the room!

Our Lived-in Kitchen

Notice the stationary bouncer peaking out from behind the island. It's the only way I can get things done in the kitchen while he's awake!

Of course, there is still much more work to be done, but if feels manageable...unlike how I felt when we first walked in the door! Better still, David and I are feeling so reconnected after a week of tackling projects side-by-side and several wonderful date nights. We are looking forward to continuing our work on the house. Expect some before and after shots. Sadly, I didn't take any of the post-colic disaster we walked into, so apparently that will stay a secret only family (and our house sitters) know : )

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LOVE the island...I want one too lol. Glad you guys are getting settled!