Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I'm thankful I was 8 months pregnant on our 1st anniversary

I think this post needs a disclaimer: This post is a testimony about God's work in our family...not how we think your family should work! So enjoy : )

This is me on our first anniversary.

One question we heard a lot once we announced our good news, 5 months after our wedding was, "Were you guys trying?". It was a question I found hard to answer. Trying implies striving towards a goal, which didn't describe us at all. However, we both felt strongly convicted to be open to life in our marriage and saw no compelling reasons to wait.

As Caleb grew in my womb, his kicks growing stronger each day, a startling realization dawned on me: this little boy is going to live as I live, not as I tell him to live. It's a thought that humbles me each day.

If I am unkind he will learn unkindness

If am lazy he will learn laziness

If I am selfish he will learn selfishness

If I worship my family, computer, etc. more than the Lord he will learn to put God last also

God has used this realization as a means of grace in my life. I've found myself able to change in areas I felt defeated in before Caleb was born. That alone is reason enough I am thankful Caleb came into our lives sooner rather than later. However, there are so many more joys he brings to our home, that I truly can't imagine our family dynamic with out him.

Does that mean I never think, "If we didn't have a baby we could do xyz?" Ha! I probably think that on a weekly basis. However, I am quickly reminded by my own heart how there is no place I'd rather go or thing I'd rather do than be Caleb's mom.

Having a child changes your whole life. There's no doubt about it. There are days I'm completely overwhelmed by the task I've been given. There are days I don't stop smiling and could post a new status about his cuteness every 5 minutes. There is never a day I doubt God's good and loving kindness in opening our hearts to Caleb's life.


Jeni said...

love it!

Jen said...

Thank you for this encouraging word! :)

Jessica said...

This is such a great post. But the fact that you are 8 months pregnant in that picture makes me a little jealous :)

Sarah_Joy said...

I know what you mean Jessica, just looking at those pictures of you right before delivering Brett & Emma make the skin on my tummy hurt!