Monday, May 16, 2011

My Husband, My Hero

Before we were married, I was sure I'd be the perfect housewife. David would come home to a spotless house, a warm dinner and not have to lift a finger, except maybe to mow the lawn. Never mind that I've never been one to notice a mess, could make approximately 2 "real" dinners when we got married, and quite honestly have a lazy streak. Needless to say, our first few months were not the wedded bliss I had imagined. Not because David wanted me to be the housewife I'd envisioned, but because I constantly felt like a failure because I wasn't.

I've grown a lot since then. Yes, I'm neater and a much better cook, but more importantly, I've learned that being super-wife (or mom) isn't the key to a great marriage. If I had to choose two words to describe what has made the past two years great, they would be selflessness and grace. Today, I want to give David some public recognition of all the ways he gives to our family.

Back when I was trying to be super-wife, I was constantly overwhelmed because I couldn't "do it all". David came along side me and took over the household tasks that really bogged me down. To this day, I've (*gasp*) never ironed, rarely mop or scrub the tub and only vacuum about 50% of the time. Basically, I learned I needed his help for the "deep cleaning" and I take care of the day-to-day chores like laundry, dishes, cooking, picking up, errands, etc. Of course, David helps in these areas also, but to a much lesser extent.

While the help I receive around the house is wonderful, David blesses my heart daily in the time he takes to hear about my day and to play with Caleb. The hours he is home before Caleb goes to bed are joyous ones. He and Caleb wrestle on the floor and he and I pass back pieces of news during the lulls. Then we go on our family walk. This is David and I's time to really connect as Caleb checks out the scenery whizzing by.

I know he see's my role as Caleb's mom as a full time job. David always seems to be looking for ways to give me breaks since he knows I'm on duty 24/7. Recently, he's shooed me out the door for small group, even though it was his turn to go (we switch off who goes each week). These not-so-small gestures tell me how much he values those middle-of-the-night feedings and the energy it take to keep up with a little guy who is full-steam ahead all the time.

I don't think a blog post can successfully capture the joy I feel in our marriage, but I hope I've been able to share a snapshot of our life "behind the scenes". Of course we have bad days and times where our selfishness is painfully evident, but, as cliche as it might be, these two years have been the best of my life.

Through every high and low, I've been blessed to have a husband who prays me through, points me back to the only One who can give me the security my anxious heart desires, bears with my selfish times, laughs with me at my quirks, delights in my strengths and encourages me to grow daily.

Thank you David, for all the ways your truly are my hero.


littlemomtew said...

so I guess that means we get to keep him in the family LOL...we were planning on keeping him both- together- are an inspiration. it has been wonderful to see God's work in both of your lives and now Caleb's. love you.Happy Anniversary!

Scott Bickley said...

Let me tell you: it can be SO hard to keep doing these simple, important acts of affection after a man says "I do". It's much easier to "get bored" when it comes to nurturing the marriage relationship and instead invest one's energy into lesser things. Really glad to hear you and David are keeping the love fire burning. Go David!

healthyandwealthy said...

My DH is my hero, too. :)

You gave me an idea...write a special Father's Day blog post in his honor. Thanks for inspiring me!

Sarah_Joy said...

Thanks for the reminder Scott. It is way to easy to take all you guys do for-granted. Anniversaries are a great time to remember : )

Ashley said...

What a beautiful piece about your husband and tribute to your marriage. It's always encouraging to hear other moms admit that it's not about perfection and that it can't really be attained. The love we create in our homes is so much more important.

Sarah_Joy said...

Thanks Ashley! Your blog looks so interesting, I'm definitely looking forward to digging through the "eat" archives especially : )