Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Random Mommy Thoughts

Caleb has two speeds:

fast and "can I crawl fast enough to get into trouble before mom stops me?"

He is so smart. He knows several things he is not aloud to touch and if he hears me coming he will kick on what David affectionately calls "the afterburners". If it becomes clear I will intercept him, he immediately changes direction as if to say, "Just kidding, Mom!" I am in big trouble.

Who me?

Motherhood inhibits your ability to decipher certain things. Caleb was in bed. I was feeling lost, cranky, and unsure what to do next. I didn't want to do chores, I didn't want to relax, but there was definitely some unhappy feeling in me that needed attention. Oh yes, I finally recognized it, I am tired. I should take a nap. And I did. Who knew 20 minutes could change the course of the rest of the afternoon?

There is nothing more wonderful than watching a child discover something.

This week I watched Caleb:

clap his hands while standing on multiple occasions.

crawl to a book when I told him to, "go get a book."

practice his new skill of putting toys "up high". In his play pen, on the couch, into mommy's hands. His new favorite game is putting a toy some place that's "up" instead of just dropping it on the floor.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the "I'm hurt and in pain" cry

Caleb and David were wrestling a couple days ago when Caleb decided it would be a good idea to dive over daddy. The poor guy landed face first into the floor. At first, I thought he was just in pain, but not injured, then I saw blood coming out of his mouth. Instant tummy flip flop.

He'd somehow cut his top gums with his bottom teeth. David had the presence of mind to pull out out the baggie full of frozen corn I keep just for Caleb injuries and I wrapped it in a cold wet wash cloth. After a couple of minutes the bleeding stopped, the crisis was passed, but I wonder if my mommy heart will ever get used to this!

Every week contains so many small memories that are hard to capture in writing. Caleb and I dancing around the living room to toddler friendly tunes, watching the rose buds unfold into full bloom, Caleb throwing his food onto the floor, but eating dirt and leaves, watching him giggle as I tickle him on my lap, family snuggles as we read a few stories together before as mom certainly has it's challenges, but I don't think I've ever been happier!

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Jessica said...

Sarah - I just caught up on all your posts. WOWWWW Caleb is getting so big! I hope you all are doing great :)