Wednesday, May 25, 2011

11 Things That Change When You're 11 Months Old

If someone asked me to sum up a baby's first year of life in one word, change would definitely be it. This has been a month full of changes and "firsts" I want to remember.

Now that Caleb is 11 months old...

...He's big enough to play at the Roller Rink during toddler time. He had a blast pushing around balls and chasing after bigger kids, who surprisingly, all wanted to share with "the baby".

...He's too big for mommy to carry around all the time so for longer trips he rides in the stroller instead of his preferred method of transport- the baby carrier.

Investigating the stroller

...Finger foods are still for mommy to put in his mouth, but he's begun trying to sign "more".

Yeah, I know I already posted these pictures, but it's just so darn cute!

...If he's happy, and he knows it, he can clap his hands! He loves to clap in the car seat to get mommy's attention and recently began standing and clapping. He also claps when he's done nursing sometimes, it's so precious!

...He can pick out his own books. This month we took our first trip to the library. He loved pulling all the board books off the shelves (which is actually encouraged at our library! They just ask you put them back, but they're not kept in any order).

David reading one of Caleb's favorites

...He's officially attached to his lovey. David sweetly sent me on to Bible study one week while Caleb was crying himself to sleep. We'd already done two check-and-console's. Eventually, David decided he needed to be checked on a third time. Normally when we walk in he is staring at the door, just waiting for us. Instead, he was flat on his tummy, reaching through the bars of his crib to where his lovey was lying on the floor. David said he felt so terrible! He restored the lovey, put a second one in the crib for good measure and didn't hear a peep out of him the rest of the night.

...His receptive language is expanding each week. His new favorite game is "Where's the fan?" He looks right at it every time!

...He's beginning to sleep through the night. For various reasons, I haven't pushed night weaning. He's gradually gone from 3 wake ups/night at 4 months, down to 2 around 6 months, 1 at 8 months and now, for the past two weeks, none at all. I hope I'm not jinxing it by writing about it!

...He can eat dessert. Mommy caved in and gave him his first sweet treat- bits of whole wheat banana muffins I made. He enjoyed mushing each bite we fed him in his mouth, but still stoutly refused to pick any of the pieces up.

Photos from the day he decided to feed himself some banana

...All 6 teeth are here. No more lopsided smile. There are now 4 on top, which came in from left to right and 2 bottom teeth, which came in from left to right also. Maybe it's from all the reading...

You can see the bottom two as he uses his sunshade to play peek-a-boo with mommy on the way home from Baltimore

...He has several new favorite books. The top two at the moment are "Go, Dog, Go" and "Blue Hat, Green Hat". He cracks up when David or I read "Oops!"

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