Friday, June 5, 2009

Home at Last!

After a year of being apart, it is still surreal to me that David and I are finally married. We both still feel like I'm going to have to pack up and go back to Florida again. Of course, part of the reason could be that the majority of my stuff is still there minus a few suitcases.

I'm really enjoying being a house-wife. It's amazing to me that I have all day to plan meals, grocery shop, cook, clean and organize instead of having to pile those things on after 8-9 hours at school. David has been loving it too since now he doesn't have to pile all those things on after a long work day (and, apparently, because he likes my food : )

The honeymoon was absolutely amazing. It was such a relaxing, peaceful time to enjoy one another. There have been a few bumps as we've had to "get back to reality". I've been swinging between elated that I'm finally married to such a wonderful man to sad that I'm so far from friends, family and places I'm used to. David has been wonderfully patient and understanding of those changes though, so it's made it much easier. Another fun game we have is: I like my routine and you like your routine and now we have to make a routine that we both like lol. It actually is fun most of the time.

In other news:

We have amazing neighbors: Matt, Ann and their 3 year old Gray who are really helping us learn the town.

I'm warming up to the grocery store here

I had to wear a fleece to the grocery yesterday because the high was 63 degrees

I actually liked that

I did not like that it was raining

I'm praying for God's direction about how to best use my time once the house is set up and all I have are my "cleaning routines"

That's all for now!

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