Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Night Recap

Ok, so it wasn't quite our first date since Caleb was born. We've gone out for coffee twice, gone to see a play at church (after his bed time), looked at Christmas lights (after bed time) and been treated to a game night with David's brother and sister in law (also after bed time). Insert BIG thank you to all the grandparents who made those nights possible! Today however, was a first on many levels:

first date during Caleb's "awake" hours

first time being babysat by a non-family member (exception: Jen, my awesome pediatric nurse friend, who lovingly held my colicky baby then entire hour I was at the doctors office)

first meal in a restaurant without having to worry about juggling a baby too

first date getting back into jeans I wore when we were dating

There were so many other things that made the day special too. First, I should tell you the family we left Caleb with we met at our church here less than a month ago, though we know them by reputation through one of our dearest friends, Mama C. Not only did they agree to entertain our sweet, but needy little guy during our date, they refused to let us compensate them in any way. I was able to walk out the door feeling totally confident that he'd have a wonderful time and that made mommy able to have a great time too!

Next we went to eat at Red Robin. It was on the way and David has been really wanting to try their Bailey's Milkshake (made with Haagan Daas Bailey's flavored ice cream...or so we supposed).

After ordering I took a sip of his shake. It tasted icey rather than creamy like I expected. "David, I think this is an actual drink, not a milkshake". Sure enough, a quick check in with the waitress confirmed my suspicions. Good thing this nursing mamma noticed before I split the "milk shake" with him!

I asked the waitress to take this picture of us and explained it was our first big date since our son was born.

She asked how old he was and I told her. After our meal she brings a HUGE dessert to the table and says, "It's on me and I won't hear one word about it." We of course, thank her profusely. It's like getting a trophy for surviving all those colicky days and sleepless nights (a delicious, edible trophy no less.) A few minutes later the manager comes by and says he heard about us from the waitress and he remembers those days, and that dessert is on the house. I felt so glad it wasn't going to come out of our sweet waitresses pocket and amazed by how giving and friendly the entire staff was. I can't imagine a better way to start our date.



And no, we did not eat dinner that night!

Afterward we drove over to our intended destination, the museum of science and industry or, as it's affectionately known to the locals- MOSI. Although we didn't have time to see a movie we enjoyed walking around and trying out the informative (if sometimes corny) exhibits. My favorites included the wind tunnel that let you experience hurricane force winds (in my head I pretended to be one of those weather women reporting from the "eye of the storm") and an amazing exhibit on human growth and development.

There was also a creative 9/11 memorial that used fire hydrants as art. And of course, who doesn't love a giant dinosaur skeleton?

It was a wonderful time to connect as a couple. I definitely feel refreshed in my role as "mom" after dedicating some time to being "wife".

Next weekend: First Family Vacation (weather permitting)


Jeni said...

That's so great -- thank you for sharing, made me smile <3 glad you guys had a fun night out :)

Stephanie Cunningham said...

Aw, so fun! Sounds like you had a good night. My family lives 40 min away from MOSI so we practically lived there while we were in school...even took Science classes there. Such a neat place...good choice!

Sarah_Joy said...


I had no idea you were from the Tampa area! We are really enjoying our time here. I can't imagine a better place to spend the winter with a baby who's greatest joy in life is a walk out doors : )