Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh Toddler!

It's been one of those weeks where I know for sure I'm the luckiest mom on earth. Caleb has his challenges (waking up at 5:30am, biting, hair pulling, etc.) but this week I have seen some major changes as my little baby becomes a big toddler.
Back yard bubble fun
Someone decided he wanted to hold the bubbles. Attack!

Self Control: Formerly, Caleb had to be banished to the "jump jump" whenever I loaded or unloaded the dishwasher. Since he hates confinement of any kind, masked as fun or not, it broke my heart to hear him fuss as I raced to finish the task before a complete melt down. Suddenly, all I have to do is jiggle his busy-box of kitchen toys, give him a reminder "No" right after I open the dishwasher and he plays happily for 20 minutes or so while I finish up. Of course, eventually temptation over-takes him, but as I see him creeping closer and closer, reaching out to it with a block (so he's not really touching it) I know that's my cue to wrap up. I'm so incredibly proud of him!

New Foods: Whatever other challenges Caleb has had, picky eating has never been one of them. This week he scarfed down chicken and broccoli casserole, lemon dill salmon, and chicken fajitas (including the peppers and onions). Plus jarred baby food. Plus sippy cups of milk. Plus nursing. How is this kid still losing weight?
Feeding Daddy is a new favorite game

Go Go Go: Because he doesn't stop moving of course! He is so interested in walking. He uses anything he can find (chairs, tupperware, his dinosaur walker) to help him get around the house on two feet. Occasionally he will sit quietly and turn pages in books, but most of the time he is on the move.

Listen Closely: For the most part, Caleb is wonderfully responsive to correction. Usually a reminder like "think think Caleb" is enough to redirect him. Sometimes we can tell he doesn't comply because he's not really sure what part of what he's doing is the "no" part. He will stay where he is and touch 3-4 things really close to him to figure out which one is "no". Once he learns it, he tends to listen quite well. Biting seems to be the exception to this rule. Something about biting is so enticing right now that none of our usually strategies are effective. I'm hoping once that last tooth on the bottom comes in the problem resolves itself.

DADDY!!!: Daddy has always been Caleb's favorite toy, but we are on to a whole new level of daddy adoration now. As soon as he finishes nursing in the morning he turns over and pounces on daddy. He reluctantly allows me to pry him off of dad's shoulder so David can go to work. When David comes home, Caleb's energy multiplies and the two of them are inseparable until bed time. I thought I would feel a little jealous, but honestly, it's just the coolest thing ever to seem them bonding this way. Sometimes I do want Caleb to share David with me though! Fortunately it's hard to keep Caleb awake much past 6:30 so we still have the evenings mostly to ourselves.
Mommies kiss boo-boo's but Daddies are F.U.N.

I really can't describe how much I am loving getting to know this little guy that God has blessed us with. I treasure the stories, the songs, exploring the back yard, rolling the ball back and forth, cleaning up the tupperware cabinet again and again, sweeping under the high chair for the 100th time, and everything else that goes along with raising this amazing person. It's exhausting, but I have no doubt it's the job I was made for.

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