Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caleb: 13 Months

It's official...the teens have begun. He's got his own opinions about everything, he's sure he knows best, he wants to be independent, but we all know he's not ready...Ok so he may just be 13 months, but some days it does seems like this age has a lot in common with the teen years : )

Seriously though, I LOVE this age. Just when I think he can't amaze me any more or be any cuter, he out does himself. Last month, he took his first steps a few days before his first birthday. Now, beginning the day after he turned 13 months old, he is walking! At first he would only walk between David and I. Now he hikes up his little tush into the air and takes off at a moments notice...much more quietly than crawling was I might add! It's going to be even more challenging to keep track of this kid now!

More Highlights from the month:

-During a trip to the library, Caleb surprised me by putting in a puzzle piece. After taking apart a 4 piece puzzle, he put the beach ball back in! This week Granny and Grandpa bought him a belated birthday present, which also has a circular puzzle piece in it and he put it in again! All the other shapes are still just good for taking out and eating : )

-He's also learned to stack his rings onto the stacker. He practices this over and over again and gets very frustrated if they don't go on properly! I have no idea when he decided he should do this, but one morning he just pulled out his stacker and starting putting them on after taking them off. No big deal, Mom!

-He has (oh sooo thankfully) learned to steer his dinosaur walker. I still have to rescue him from door jams and corners occasionally, but my back is very thankful for this particular milestone.

-His receptive language has exploded. I have no idea how much he understands now, but we are constantly getting surprised as to what he listens to. For instance, this past week, David told him to go push mommy over (I was crouching a short distance away). He immediately turned around put both hands on my knees and pushed me right over! David and I both had a good laugh about that.

-Expressive language is coming along. He says "Oh Oh" for "Uh Oh" and I think he's getting close to understanding Mama vs. Dada, although we are both still called by both names.

-He is still loving finger foods. His two favorites this month were my friend Jen's broccoli chicken in Gorgonzola sauce and my spicy black beans. He loves things with strong flavors! He also devoured about half of a roasted chicken breast when I was picking meat off the bones one day.

-Each meal now uses 2 spoons. One is for Caleb to pretend to feed himself with (or throw on the floor, or poke in his eye...) and one is for mommy. He is so cute trying to be a big boy. Right after I put a bite in his mouth, he puts his spoon in his mouth and looks at me as if to say, "See, I did it!" He also tried to scoop up his cherrios with the spoon. It sometimes works, depending on how sticky the spoon is.

This week he has had a great time with Granny and Grandpa. Grandpa Joe has been keeping him company in the back seat (and is the master of keeping a sleepy baby awake and laughing so we can make it home for a real nap!) and they have both been his special entertainers at meal times. I know he (and mommy) will sure miss them!

We are definitely missing all you grandparents. Caleb is such a joy to us each day and I wish I could somehow share every memory with you! I hope this gives you a glimpse into how our days look at the moment.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you all are having so much fun. He is adorable...I love the pictures!