Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Simplify: Kid's Stuff

After spending Caleb's nap today writing a really moving post about why I decided not to do this week's project (something about having the flu, being kind to myself, blah blah blah) I got a burst of inspiration and energy and decided to tackle his closet.

We started our move towards simple living shortly before Caleb was born, so there wasn't much other work to be done in the kid department.

Caleb's Room. Not exactly going to be featured on Pinterest anytime soon, but we like it : )

His closet however, was a dumping ground for odds and ends before it became part of the nursery and never really recovered.


A few of my more interesting finds:

An old shower curtain.

Unused stool and urine sample bags (extras from illnesses in his first year of life)

A dead stinkbug. Of course.

I removed all his outgrown clothes, cloth diapers, baby bibs and receiving blankets to be packed away. I also ruthlessly weeded out some "must have" baby items we never used. A pack of un-opened paci's (he was a thumb baby), waterproof mattress cover (crib mattresses are waterproof), and a few other odds and ends.


Caleb loves to help with these projects. Look at all that space!

On the floor we have blankets (lots and lots of blankets...maybe he'll learn to sleep under them one day), extra diapers (we use disposables at night and for travel), and a gift bag full of stroller accessories.

On the bottom shelf are toys he'll grow into in the next year, extra childproofing materials (child proofing is never finished), extra diapers and wipes and items we still need to hang on his walls. On the top shelf are my baby keepsakes and clothes he'll grow into soon.

I dusted the window and the closet shelves. I also vacuumed the floor of the closet. I even used two different handy-dandy attachments! I've never cleaned a closet so thoroughly before. I guess that's what spring cleaning is all about though. Tackling those spaces that get neglected in the week to week cleaning routine.

All in all, it took about an hour and a half and I couldn't have done it without David's willingness to chase Caleb around the house during that time. I still need to actually box up his clothes and sort through some keepsakes I found stashed in a basket, but that's for later tonight!

Coming this week: Kitchen and Pantry!


sullivanm2 said...

Caleb nursery decorated with the same decor as Chase's baby nursery. To make my life easier with the new baby, we are moving Chase's room to the now guest bedroom and the babies room will be transportation themed nursery since I painted Chase's with a road and such. Now I need to think of what Chase's "new" big brother room is going to look like!

Sarah_Joy said...

That's awesome! We must think alike because I have really been thinking that Caleb's big-boy room is going to be transportation themed too! He loves trucks, cars, bikes...anything with wheels really, just as much as he loves animals. I'm so excited for you guys and your new addition. Post photos of the rooms!