Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Caleb: 24 Months

This is month has brought many changes. Caleb is more independent, more rebellious and gives better hugs and kisses than ever.

Seriously, look at this amazing hug!
Who needs pay and benefits?
Oh how I love this little man!
The biggest change by far however, is that this is the first month he has primarily used words to communicate with us. He's been using signs and gestures pretty efficiently until this point, but his favorite word was still "ba" which could mean just about anything. Suddenly though, he is saying at least a new word every day! It's really been an incredible change and we are thrilled to be able to communicate so much more clearly with him.

Here's a sample from this month (because I doubt I can remember them all):  "bug", "fye" (fly), "dow-wah" (door), "teet"(teeth), "bed", "Ad" (his friend's name is Adi and he loooves her), "Doool!" (stool), "Up!", "Poop", "hang-guh" (hanger), "hide", "hum" (home), "bwoom" (broom), "two", "eyes", "hole", "both", and "ice".

Another development in the language department has been his attempts to "read". Caleb has never done much babbling, but recently he's started pointing to letters and naming them! (Usually incorrectly, although he does know the letters "O", "B", "M" and "C"). It's so cute watching him point to each letter in a word saying, "T", "A", "B", "O", "E" and so clearly too! He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum when it comes to language development!

Making alphabet soup...
He also loves to make sound effects! Everything has a sound effect now. He makes them as he goes down each stair, puts food into his mouth or pushes one of his stuffed animal friends down the slide. I know I'm biased, but it's completely adorable : )

A Few Other Adorable Moments from this Month

Something about this made me feel like he is growing up SO fast!

Caleb and his buddies in their baseball caps

Reaching out for a daddy-hug

Wading in a creek for the first time with his friends

The water was frigid, but he loved it!

Soaking wet and enjoying examining all the rocks at the bottom with his friend

Sooo silly!

I honestly can't believe I'm the proud mommy of a two-year old!

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