Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Edition: 39 weeks

Obviously I am pretty far behind on our month-by-month updates, but right now is such a special time in our lives I couldn't bring myself to go back through the notes on my calendar and write about the past before I wrote about today.

Thursday marks 39 weeks that our little guy has been making his home in my tummy and while I continue to make plans with friends, plan a weeks worth of meals, and continue my normal routines I am definitely starting to feel a sense of how close his arrival is. David and I have really enjoyed getting our home ready for him. In fact, we've discovered an excellent way to motivate our home-making efforts:

Step 1: Join your church's supper club
Step 2: Volunteer to host dinner for 8 when you are 38 weeks pregnant (don't worry, no gourmet here, they got tacos!)
Step 3: Make sure none of them have ever seen your home before so that you want to make the best impression possible

Voila, at 38 weeks we had a sparkling clean, well organized home. We even hung pictures and art work! It was a busy week, but I feel like I can breathe easy knowing the house is clean for baby to come home to and family to stay in. I'm also making sure to soak it in since it probably won't be this clean again for another 18 years or so...

So now the crib is built, his clothes are washed and put away, the carseat is installed, I'm eating twice my weight in watermelon everyday, all our invitations are accepted with the caveat: "unless the baby gets here first" and we are so incredibly ready to meet this little person whose kicks and wiggles have been delighting us these past few months.

As much as I'm anticipating this little guy's arrival, I often find myself wondering how much our life as a couple is going to change in both the short and long term. And the fact is, it will change. Some changes I'm excited about, others less so, and I'm sure there are many I haven't thought of yet. One thing God keeps reminding me of though is that, whether we invite children into our lives or not, life changes. Some I've already experienced like moving out of state or buying a home. Others will come later: family illness, job change, financial challenges, etc. I know God is faithful and I'm looking forward to meeting this little life he is blessing us with, seeing David become a Dad, and becoming a family of 3 instead of 2.

So these are my thoughts as I sit on the threshold of parenthood. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband who ignores my crankiness and reminds me to sleep and eat even when I think I don't need to, family and friends who are almost as excited as we are to be able to welcome this little one, and a loving heavenly Father I can trust to work all things out in his good timing!

38 week belly picture:

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littlemomtew said...

love the update :) especially the picture! You are a beautiful mommy!