Thursday, October 14, 2010

April, May, June 2010

Where has the time gone? As David and I prepare for yet another move (a temporary one at least!) I know many people will be wanting to see Caleb's progress while we are away. So I'm quickly updating the last few months of pregnancy, adding Caleb's birth story and the newsletters I've been sending to family so that everyone who would like too can find out about our lives through the blog.

Starting with...April:

This was a busy month. We took our birth class and I began reading up on all things natural childbirth, interviewing my mom friends who had unmedicated deliveries and generally psyching myself up for "the big day". Bi-weekly OB appointments began and assured me that "Baby Gainey" was growing well.

And onto...May:

May was a really fun month. David had a month straight of training in Baltimore. I joined him on the weeks I didn't have OB appointments. We got together with friends for some last uninterrupted games of Settlers, visited the inner harbor (beautiful!) and savored our last weeks of being a couple. We also took one weekend to go enjoy a local state park, have a picnic and celebrate one incredibly joyful year of marriage. We took lots of rests on our walk as by now my 8 month belly was adding quite a bit of weight!

We also defrosted and ate the top tier of our wedding cake, which I predicted would be totally gross, but was pleasantly surprised to find was still AMAZING (pregnant women get very excited about cake...)

Finally it was June:

Although I was quite uncomfortable by this point, I still wanted my little guy to bake as long as he needed to. I focused what little energy I had on last minute preparations like freezing meals, organizing his clothes and preparing the guestroom (which had become our storage closet) to receive family. Mostly I was just huge, and I have the picture to prove it! This was taken 2-3 days before Caleb's birth:

About the last week, I started to be REALLY ready for Caleb to arrive. Fortunately I didn't have long to wait. On midnight of my due date labor began : )

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