Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween 2011

As I mentioned in the pumpkin patch post, our last Halloween was pretty much non-existent. No pumpkin, no candy, no fall parties. We did put Caleb into an adorable cowboy onesie his uncle and aunt had picked out for him. Halloween isn't a big holiday for us so I wasn't too disappointed, but I did want to at least host trick or treaters this year.

A photo from last year. Notice the adorable smile for his Papa.

Well, as you already know, Caleb suckered me into we picked out a very large pumpkin! So of course, we just had to make use of that huge blank canvas and carve the coolest Jack-O-Lantern I've ever had. David found the pattern online, I sketched it and David and I both carved it (ok, so I only did the nose!).

Caleb inspecting the blank canvas

Practicing his jack-o-latern face

What's in there Daddy?

Finished product

I bought candy (and, fyi, I only went over my grocery budget by a few dollars this month, even with candy! So excited!), roasted the pumpkin seeds and prepared for trick-or-treaters. Sadly, most of their parents weren't willing to come up our big hill, even for candy! Fortunately, because of the snow, there were plenty of parents taking their kids house-to-house in cars so we were able to get rid of some of the candy that way.

We also temporarily acquired a friendly cat who walked up and jumped in my lap for a pet and a cuddle. I thought the cat was acting weird, David informed me that I'm just used to anti-social cats...After a while I warmed up to our furry visitor, but he decided to go back to his home (where ever that is) after 15 or 20 minutes of lap time.

Although our little guy slept through the trick-or-treating festivities, we did get to dress him up for a friend's Halloween party. Why yes, we do force our nerdy-ness upon our adorable toddler : )

Captain Kirk in the seat of power

"I am the Captain. You will obey my orders!"

At the control panel

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