Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's been a chocolate kind of day

It hasn't been a bad day. There have been some awesome moments. Still, as I write this, I'm thrilled that it's nap time and noshing on some dark chocolate. It's been that kind of day.

First, a little background information. We keep a towel along the bottom of Caleb's door these days because if he sees any light coming in underneath it, he knows we're awake and wants to join the party.

Well, we've all been battling a GI bug since earlier this week, but as Caleb hadn't had a dirty diaper all day yesterday, I hoped it had finally finished it's course.

Imagine my trepidation then, when an unpleasant odor reached my nose, by Caleb's door, despite the towel...Blessedly, the diaper (somehow) managed to contain it all.

Not a great start to the morning, but we had big plans to get to the library today to avoid incurring fines (one of my goals this year). Caleb and I were dressed and ready to walk out the door at 9am, opening time. Perfect.

That was, until Caleb spotted the car seat. Apparently, he's a little traumatized from spending the better part of 2 days pinned there. After much scratching, flailing, screaming (on his part) I managed to buckle him in with plenty of soothing reassurances (on my part) that it would be a short trip and he would have so much fun.

We arrived, and I'd just gotten him strapped into the front-carrier, books unloaded, diaper bag in tow, when another kind patron saved me the trip up the stairs with the simple words, "The library is closed today. In-services."

Cue the mom guilt. My little guy hadn't had any fun and I had to stuff him into the car seat yet again. After a flustered call to my friend Jen, I came up with the idea of taking him to the park. We weren't exactly dressed for a windy 40 degree outdoor play session, but I figured we could at least get 20 minutes in for the poor kid.

I figured wrong. In less than 10 minutes his un-mittened hands were bright red and freezing cold. I hated to do it, but it was time to make a retreat. More biting, scratching and flailing. I even had a bad moment where I wondered how on earth I was going to get him home if he didn't settle down, as I was the only one in the park on such a blustery morning. Fortunately, a little sippy cup distraction calmed him. I couldn't blame him for being upset.

We headed home, bundled up appropriately and spent an hour outside. At which point, I noticed little guy was stinky. Very stinky. Caleb isn't a big fan of diaper changes and today was no exception. After settling him down with a book, I got to work. Mid-wipe I see a book come sailing in my direction. Splat. I'm sure you can guess where it landed. Good thing I didn't like that book anyway.

Still, I wouldn't trade a single second of life with Mr. Adorable for anything. Even chocolate.

I'll be back to blogging about all the fun we've had over the past couple weeks soon!

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