Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It was the worst of times, Until it became the best of times

Remember that sweet, compliant 18 month old I wrote about? Yeah...that's not how 19 months is going. And definitely not how today was going.

Lately, everything is a power struggle. I know, I know, welcome to toddlerhood. It's not that I didn't see this coming, but now that it's here I'm wondering how we will both survive until age 3.

He wants to put his own shoes on, but he can't so he's upset. Mommy tries to help, which triggers fresh (piercing) screams of frustration. This scene replays as he tries to:

-Climb into the highchair
-Buckle the high chair
-Put together a puzzle
-Play with mega blocks
-Add a second pair of shoes to the shoes he's already wearing

He keeps signing eat, but doesn't want anything I feed him. Old favorites, new temptations, food served on a banana spoon, food off mommy's plate. None of my tricks are working these days. I wonder if he somehow knows he is getting a well baby check up tomorrow and is trying to drop any ounces he may have actually gained since the last one.

By one o'clock I'm gazing longingly at the clock counting down the minutes until David gets off work. By two o'clock I decide Mr. Cranky is taking a nap. Mommy needs him too. Which of course nap. I eat lunch anyway, take several deep breaths, and get him up after about an hour (he is mostly quiet during this time).

And that's when everything changes. Apparently refreshed by the solitude, he starts chatting with me, "nananana?" Sure son, anything you say with a smile. He actually eats a decent meal. Life is going great. And then it gets even better.

Caleb asks to look out the window. I pick him up and he starts saying "Bobobobobo" and laughing hysterically. I put my lips against his forehead and drag out the "BO" noise, ending it in a kiss. He thinks this is the best game ever and laughs and laughs. After several minutes, instead of saying "bobobo" back to me, he gets super still, says "Ma ma" in the sweetest little voice and hugs me. A big bear hug that lasted minutes and not seconds. Something my little ball of energy rarely slows down for.

Instantly it became the Best. Day. Ever. I love being a mom.

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Jeni said...

Aw :) I can so relate now too! Mary is so feisty! I have a blog post about that coming.