Friday, May 25, 2012

Caleb: 23 Months

 In one month we'll be the parents of a two-year old! Every time I think I'm finding my rhythm with this whole "parenting a toddler" thing, something else changes. It's a challenge I love though. It may not be all sunshine and roses, but I love, love, love getting to know Caleb more each day. God is using him to teach me so much!

What update would be complete with out a list of his new words? "Mine", "Boo-Boo", "Mow", "Yum Yum!" (for food he wants), "Nyn, Nyn" (onion), "Cheese" (He says it for photos and for the food haha), "tea" (nope, he hasn't had any yet, but Daddy likes it so it must be good!), and of course his very favorite..."Nyo, Nyo" (aka: No! No!).

This last phrase has been a bit of a challenge, especially over the last week of the month. Caleb is learning that words have power (a good thing, since it's making him want to say more of them!), but he has really been testing out his ability to control others and be defiant. I definitely think his need for control was exacerbated by David being gone for two weeks. We'll have to see if it levels out again when daddy returns or if it's just another sign of being almost two years old!

Other News and Cute Stories from the Month

Picked some spinach from the garden, served in chicken wraps for dinner. Caleb kept signing "spin". We're not sure if it's because I put it in the salad "spin"ner or because it was "spin"ach, but either way, it was adorable!
He's very interested in the garden

Apparently, if you dip it in ketchup, he will eat it. At Red Robin he'd eat steak if David let him rub it in ketchup. Don't tell the chef...

After noticing a piece of broccoli wedged in his teeth, I realize we need to make an attempt at flossing. I've always said, "I think I'd rather try to floss a grizzly bear's teeth.", but was pleasantly surprised. I flossed daddy's teeth first, and then Caleb couldn't wait to try it too! Mission accomplished : )

Caleb's new thing is running around the yard popping bubble with his tongue. He waits until they land on the damp grass, hikes his tush into the air and gives them a big lick. Kind of disgusting, but hilarious to watch! He comes up with all sorts of interesting games these days. Running from his toy train to tag the door and running back, running back and forth between the clothes line poles tagging each end, hiding behind the hanging laundry and running out to tackle his unsuspecting mom, pretending the hose is a balance beam. I'm amazed how many games he comes up with, especially in the yard!
Popping bubbles the more conventional way
He's getting better at playing games and taking turns in general. One of his favorites is what I call "The Sidewalk Game". I draw shapes, letters, animals, etc. on the side walk and say, "I spy a..." and he goes and stands on the picture I name. I will definitely give this game the credit for helping him learn his colors. I drew 4 different colored cats and he loved standing on the right color cat! It might be time to get some more sidewalk chalk so he can learn the rest of his colors, lol.
"The Sidewalk Game" in action

How 23 Month Olds Have Fun!

Is that my child climbing that high with no assitance? Eeep!
He still thinks laundry baskets are fun though

Play-doh. My rainy day BFF...

Does this even need a caption? "Attack!!!"
Caleb with the Lilacs

 How 23 Month Olds Grow Up Too Fast!

Check out those curls! Can you believe this kid was practically bald a year ago?

A view from the back

Caleb finally got his chicken pox vaccine this month. He was one of the 1 in 25 that get the rash, of course : ) Most of it was lower down, but this one crept up to his tummy.

First day in his size 6 shoes!

I love my little banana eater!

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