Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Not Getting What I Wanted for Mother's Day

A couple weeks ago, one of the blogs I read asked moms to leave a comment about what they'd like for Mother's Day. As I read through the responses most wanted time with their family, a morning to sleep in, a clean house or a combination of all three. I'll admit, my first thought was, "To have clean drip pans on the stove."

The more responses I read though, the more I realized that everyday is like Mother's Day at our house. David knows there are a number of household chores that I find physically painful and is always careful to make sure they're done frequently. He mows our grass, takes out the trash, mops the floors, and scrubs the tubs. We share the responsibilities of loading the dishwasher and vacuuming about 50-50, mostly because he's awesome not because I find those 2 things physically difficult. He also completely takes over Caleb's care from the time he gets home until Caleb goes to bed at night.

Somehow, despite all the responsibility David takes on, he still calls me "the glue that holds our family together." Even though there is so much I can not do, he values me. He treasures the intangible contributions I make to our family and considers that tangible ones a bonus.

What I ended up realizing I really wanted for Mother's Day was to be physically able to be the Mom I want to be. I'd love to clean the house from top to bottom for once and let Caleb wrestle me to the ground and crawl all over me while David rests on the couch.

Instead, I was presented with three beautiful watercolor prints I had admired, told how beautiful David finds me and what a great mom I am, and got big snuggles from my two favorite boys this morning. My heart longs for more self-sufficiency and productivity, but instead I get to experience grace. Thank you, to my wonderful husband, for being the hands and feet of Jesus in my life. I love you.

Mother's Day 2012

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