Thursday, November 4, 2010

Caleb: 14/15 Weeks

Headline News:

-Caleb has amazing head control now. He can hold his head up and turn it in all directions while we hold him. When I pull him into a sitting position he can keep his head level with his body (instead of flopping backwards).
-His hands are still his favorite toys. He's discovered they can be used to put things into his mouth and his aim improves each day. Still not quite sucking his thumb yet, but he's trying!
-I think he has at least 2 new facial expressions everyday, he is also getting more "chatty" each week.
-We started having some late night fussiness issues and realized he just needed to go to bed earlier. We just started the new routine last night, but signs are good that it's a winner.
-Caleb still has trouble sleeping more than 45 minutes during naps in his crib, but we've discovered that if he's cuddled up to mom, 1.5 hour naps are the norm. This has been great for getting a little extra zzzz's on the days where we are both painfully short.
-Last week Caleb tipped the scale at 13lbs 8oz at the pediatricians
-Mommy has let him stay in church nursery the last 3 Sundays with only 1 check-up each time.

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