Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caleb:10 Weeks

Wow, the changes in Caleb are coming almost faster than I can write about them now. He is sleeping tons more, usually 7/8 hours at night in his pack and play and then (sometimes) another 2 hour nap in the morning snuggled up next to mommy in bed. Perhaps, not coincidentally, he's also much happier now. Smiles and coos are much more frequent, although he still leans towards the serious side as he gazes all around checking out his surroundings. He's able to play by himself for 10-20 minutes in the floor gym, and will play up to an hour when we are with him talking, reading, and singing.

Headline News:

* Caleb moved out of 0-3 month onesies and sleepers (anything that has to fit him lengthwise) and into 3-6 month sizes, which already fit him quite nicely!
* We all start sleeping through the night from about 10/11p to 5/6a. Such a huge and sudden change from nursing every 2/3 hours! Caleb even goes to sleep as early as 8:15 one night!
* I start putting Caleb down for naps in his crib to get him used to sleeping there. If he keeps sleeping through the night we will be making the move soon. I'm looking forward to not having to tiptoe as we get ready for bed, but it still feels a little bittersweet to be letting this little one, who has scarcely left my side since he was born sleep in his own room.
* Uncle Brian and Aunt Amy come to visit and spoil him rotten. Looks like he's going to be a cowboy for Halloween : ) Amy's great at putting him to sleep, I told her she's hired!
* Caleb's discovered he can use his mouth to explore his world. Stuffed animals, blankets and his own fingers are no longer safe!
* In the past, we used to always have to pick him up to soothe him. Now, often just hearing our voice and seeing us enter the room stops the crying and causes a big smile. It's such a joy to see him recognize us!

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