Friday, January 28, 2011

Caleb: 7 Months

Who is this big boy living in our home? Certainly not the tiny thing I brought home from the hospital in June...

Caleb turned 7 months earlier this week and it's almost as if he knew. While every week brings great change this one has been exceptional. His awareness of himself, his surroundings and us seems to grow exponentially.

He's on the cusp on crawling- scooting everywhere, rocking on his hands and knees and getting frustrated when the only direction all that work seems to get him is backward!

He's also recently discovered that things don't disappear when you drop them. He is fascinated by dropping a toy over and over and staring at the place it lands. If it rolls to an unusual location, he looks for it. While this will be lots of fun when he's self-feeding, I'm in love with this new skill because when I move beside or behind him he knows to look for me...I haven't actually abandoned him after all!

Of course, many times discovering me leads to coos and grunts that encourage me to stop folding laundry and come play (NOW!)...which leads me to the next milestone! Finally, he is able to occupy himself for short periods at a time. When he "requests" I come over, he'll usually fuss a few minutes, suck his thumb and start playing again. Of course we still spend TONS of time each day playing together, but it is nice to have the freedom to actually finish a task again!

And finally, after moving through "mama" "baba" and "gaga" he is saying "ah-da!" It's not quite "dada", but I'm hoping we'll get there soon : )

I love seeing all the changes in him. Although there are times I still feel totally lost in this whole mom thing (weird sleep interruptions and random crying still throw me for a loop) I love seeing him grow into a person who can communicate his wants and needs more with me each day.

Of course, this leads to challenges too. This week, for the first time ever, I feel like I am moving from "advanced babysitting" to "parent". Why? Because I now say the word, "No".

"No" you may not roll when mommy is changing you (of course I don't bother with full sentences, I do "no roll" and then toy distraction), "No" you may not pinch mommy or pull her hair. Yes I know you've been doing that for a while now, but now that you understand a little more, lets break that habit! And, of course, "No" you may not eat mommy's sneakers, or the electrical cord, or that CD and YES: Mommy and Daddy are still learning the real definition of babyproofing!

7 months old is definitely the most fun yet! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me leading up to this month!!!

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