Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Recap

Caleb is 26 weeks old now (where is the time going?) He turned 6 months old on Christmas day and is definitely getting that "older baby" look to him. Especially when he pushes himself into crawl position (so far he is only moving backward, much to his frustration). Here are the highlights from the last month:

It's hard to believe how much Caleb has changed between Thanksgiving and now. At Thanksgiving he had just begun to sit up with out support, getting interested in watching us eat and had just begun sleeping. Now he can sit up as long as he wants with little fear of falling over (unless he gets really mad and flails, the backwards he goes!), he's eating rice cereal (sort of) and sleeps like a champ (comparatively). He's also had his very first boo boo's now and survived (mommy survived too, barely ; )

We've also done a lot of traveling as a family in the last few weeks. We visited Cape coral the 2nd weekend in December to see the play The Gospel According to Scrooge and David's old church. He was part of this play for many years and it was wonderful to see the show I'd heard so much about. The next weekend we headed up to Tallahassee to visit friends and Grandaddy. We really enjoyed getting to see the Lehman's and Boatrights again, though of course there is never enough time when it comes to seeing dear friends who now live far away. Caleb's first meeting with Grandaddy was love at first sight on both sides. My sweet, fussy baby, who never likes to be held by a new person, laid sweetly in Grandaddys arms, touched his face and smiled. It was amazing. We enjoyed getting to spend time together and share a meal. We even got an unexpected surprise when an old co-worker of Grandaddy's came over to the table to say hello. It was so neat to meet someone from his days as an engineer.

Finally, we spend the last week of 2010 at Granny Robin and Grandpa Joe's. He loved all the extra attention. He also chose this time to go through his 6 month growth spurt. Between losing some extra sleep and David having the flu, I was happy to have my parents to lean on for entertaining Caleb. He, of course, enjoyed Christmas morning. The wrapping paper crinkling was his favorite part. He also really enjoyed his Christmas in the Manger story book. He already loves to turn pages. Future bookworm?

We rang in the New Year at "home" in Tampa. David and I sat on the couch and toasted the New Year at 7:45pm with sparkling cider in coffee cups, while reminiscing about 2010. Afterward we played about an hour of Mario and went to bed. Caleb let us sleep in the next morning until 8am, it really was an awesome New Year. We also found a great park with a boardwalk just 10 minutes from our apartment so we enjoyed two hikes over the 3 day weekend.

As if all that weren't awesome enough, yesterday we were able to see the Tews (minus Eric, who was out shooting with a friend). It was so wonderful to be able to spend time together and see the kids. Who are getting way, way, way too big!

It's been a whirlwind of travel, but I'm so thankful God has allowed us this time with family and dear friends. I hope you are all having a wonderful 2011 thus far!

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