Monday, March 28, 2011

Caleb: 9 Months

Has a month already past since we baby proofed and our little guy started crawling everywhere, taking long naps and waking only once per night? I think 30 days goes faster than it used to now that we're on baby time.

The 9th month has brought just as many changes as the 8th. In fact, there are so many things to share I think bullet points might be best! And of course, I've interspersed many cute Caleb photos through out : )


-Continues to sleep like a champ. Mommy gratefully said hello to 1.5 hour naps last month and they've returned every day since (for him, not mommy!)
-Wakes only once per night (usually).
-Can pull up, let go, and stand independently for a few seconds
-Can lower himself down from a standing position (without bonking his poor little head!)
-Loves to turn pages in books
-Flaps his arms and squeals with excitement when I read his favorites to him
-Finally said, "Dada" this month, although "Mama" and "Baba" remain the favorite noises (he loves lip sounds and raspberries!)
-Is starting to get his first tooth (*tear*)
-Can crawl faster than a speeding bullet
-Searches for toys under the couch
-Tried his first finger foods (peas and rice). The verdict is still out on the new texture : )
-"Asks" to be turned upside down and for the fan to be turned on
-Looks at the fan as soon as mommy flips the light switch

And yes, 9 months is my new favorite!


littlemomtew said...

:) love the update

Wendy said...

What a cute little guy! Looks like he's super active!

Sarah_Joy said...

Thanks Wendy! He definitely is. I'm discovering new muscles everyday : )