Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why the 8th month is awesome (and challenging!)

5 Things I love about Caleb right now:

1. This face:

2. He's started repeating vowel sounds and he even imitates our exaggerated "baby talk" voice. Example: we say "hiiii" and he says "iiiiii!"

3. Crawling = sleeping. For the first time ever Caleb is regularly taking 1.5 hour naps during the day and has even started sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night (max used to be 5-6).

4. He loves to turn pages. He'll open a book and turn the pages as if he's reading. He also loves to listen to mommy read to him.

5. How he gets so excited to crawl after something he runs into things (door frames, coffee table legs, other toys, etc.) and it doesn't even phase him (usually). In fact, sometimes he will bat at whatever he ran into as if to say, "excuse you!"

3 Things I'm finding Challenging about Caleb right now:

1. My new role in life is to let him crawl to the furthest extent of his "safe" domain (which is a pretty big area!) and then reset him back to the beginning. He takes all this in stride. Poor mommy just can't seem to figure out what he wants...he'll just have to show her for the 665th time : )

2. I'm down to one laundry basket. I had 3. The other 2 are now residing underneath the end tables so lamp and laptop cords are a much bigger challenge to get to (what is so tantalizing about them in the first place, I wonder?)

3. There is no laughing, sneezing or coughing allowed in our home any more. Caleb finds each of these noises jarring, surprising and upsetting. Here's his face after mommy had the audacity to sneeze this morning:

I really love this stage. Even the challenges are fun. For the first time, I feel like I truly look forward to everyday as a stay at home mom. I'm sure there will be plenty of these ups and downs over the next couple decades, but it's nice to be on my first big "up" of enjoying life as a mom! Of course, the sleeping might have something to do with it too....

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