Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Spot #2: Paper Clutter

This weeks hot spot was ideal in terms of preparing for our move. As I gathered up stacks of paper from my desk, the dining room table, our dresser, and ironing board, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well I've done at keeping junk mail in the recycling bin where it belongs. So what was in these stacks? Receipts, pieces of bills, church bulletins, 2010 tax documents, computer software, CD jackets, magazines and even *gulp* one bill that had gotten buried (fortunately discovered before being past due). What a good reminder of why a good organizational system is important in this department!

Left is my "to recycle" box and right is the "to-be sorted".

Due to the move, my personal "finished product" is having all the things to be shredded in a red folder and the rest packed neatly in a box ready to be packed into the car. All the recyclables are where they belong, the to-be sorted box is empty and I'm feeling pretty good, until I remember we will need to reorganize our filing system at home, which will show how woefully behind I really am!

I realize reading about me cleaning approximates the excitement found in clipping your toenails, but I am such a (recovering) procrastinator and this is really helping me knock out tasks that need to be done before the 11th hour. Although my stack of papers might not look very big, I wish I could have posted a photo of the 20 tiny stacks of paper on the bed as I sorted through each item. However, having a husband with his masters in information security makes me a little paranoid about who can see my very public blog, enlarge photos and have all our important information (because believe me, if it wasn't important, it did not get filed!)

I would have never taken on such a big project this week with how busy we've been around here, but found that, with a deadline looming, I can push myself further than I think.


Kelly said...

I agree. Having the Friday deadline for these challenges had definitely helped me to just get it done.

Cheri said...

and now you have one box less (the recycling) of stuff you have to move! Awesome!