Thursday, September 1, 2011

Caleb: 14 Months

I'm in such awe of this little person God has blessed us with. The pace at which he is changing still catches me by surprise. A month ago, he started walking, now he is trying to run everywhere! The adorable way he pokes out his belly and sticks his arms out to his sides always makes me smile.

This month, he went from only being able to put the circle in his shapes puzzle, to being able to do them all (most of the time).

David has taught him how to give hugs and I seem to have taught him how to give kisses. We've even gone several days without being bitten! The times where he stops playing to flop into our laps and snuggle close are the most precious of all.

This has been an absolutely wonderful month. Here's a list of a few of our favorite things to do during the day:

Around the House

Babyzilla Did you know I'm a part-time architect? It's true, I spend the better part of most afternoons building cities full of houses just waiting to meet their doom.

Out and In This works with almost everything and Caleb usually begins it completely spontaneously. First he dumps everything out of a (cabinet, box, container, etc.) and then he puts about 3 things back in. Ta-da!

Lid on, Lid off This game is the frustrating older brother of "Out and In". Caleb finds a top and bottom to a piece of tupperware and becomes obsessed with putting the lid on correctly and then taking it off again. Since his ambition outpaces his skills by a wide margin, this game usually requires lots of modeling and help from mommy and generally ends when the angry screams out number the giggles and mommy hides the offending container.

Ball Roll it, bounce it, throw it, hide it...Caleb loves it all! His collection now includes a basketball, a volleyball, a tennis ball, a ball with a bell inside, a ball with a light inside and the ever popular dryer ball.

Books These are still a favorite around here. He loves to turn pages and be read to. His favorites are books that rhyme. He has begun an unfortunate habit of bending the spines backwards...we're working on that...

Bubbles Who doesn't love trying to pop bubbles in the back yard?

Leaves and Sticks I have to watch him like a hawk because he tries to put everything in his mouth eventually, but he enjoys just crunching, tearing and looking at whatever is on the ground for quite a while.

Out and About

Library Caleb loves visiting the library and has recently begun having a mini tantrum when it's time to go (hey, at least it's a good reason!) Our library is so amazingly kid friendly. The baby books are shelved low and in no order. He loves pulling out and looking at books. There's also a bin full of toys to play with, puzzles, a play kitchen, bean bag chairs, and other kids. What could be better? We've really enjoyed checking out books on CD. So far we've done the Amelia Bedelia series and are now working on James Harriot's Treasury for children. It's enjoyable for me and him on those long afternoons!

Skating Rink We're blessed to have a roller rink that does toddler time every Wednesday. For $2, Caleb has an hour of fun pushing all sorts of fun riding toys, giant balls and pool noodles all over the rink. It's a great opportunity for him to socialize as well.

Farmer's Market Caleb has a bit of a fan club at the farmer's market. One of the little girls who comes with her mom will sometimes show him something interesting like a bouncing ball. Even just having an older child talk to him is such a treat to a one-year old. All the Mennonite ladies love to grab his "piggies". He seems to like it, but he's usually a little zoned out because it's right before morning nap time. Still, he gives our favorite farmer a big smile each week, which is priceless!

The Park Now that he's walking (and spending a little less time eating everything in sight) we've taken a few outings to various parks in our area. I'm quickly learning that our son is fearless! We took him to a splash pool and he ran straight in. Even when he fell face first into the water, or backwards (hitting his head on the cement) he just jumped up and kept going. On the play ground he is much more interested in throwing the mulch and dirt than the play equipment so he comes home nice and dirty.

He is such a treasure and even in the times he's licking the floor, testing the boundaries, having a fit because he doesn't know what he wants (or because I don't know what he wants), tossing his food on the floor or other wise acting like a one year old, I am so so so thankful that I get to be his mom!

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Jeni said...

great pics! the rink sounds really cool and wow to the shape sorting! that's impressive! I know we're loving 14 months too :)