Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Little Chef

This has been the kind of week that makes a great story, but isn't much fun to actually live through. It kicked off last weekend with a stomach bug for me while David was out of town for work. Just as I recovered from that (special thanks to my amazing church family for babysitting when needed!) I came down with a terrible cold, which Caleb and David (now home) also proceeded to catch.

David and I have had all the symptoms of a flu (chills, aches, exhaustion, vicious sore throats, tissue massacres) except the actual fever. Poor Caleb, who seemed to get little more than a runny nose, has been left to amuse himself most days as we croaked our praise or instructions from the couch. Thankfully, in the midst of all this, David was already scheduled to take a day or two off work so I could have a suspicious looking mole taken off my back. The irony that all this happened in a single week was not lost on me.

Trying to warm up during an episode of the chills

So that was our week. Despite having debilitated parents, Caleb proceeded to hit milestones and be adorable as usual. I'll save most of the news for his 15 month update, but I just had to share what he did tonight...

Caleb has always been fascinated with watching me cook, but it has been bordering on an obsession lately to watch people stir and prepare food. So tonight we plopped him on top of the counter to play "Chef" and this is what happened:

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